Windows Application Development

With the advent in customer base of Android and iOS, Windows might be something which has a comparatively less user base but known for its secure and simply easy to use OS, there are users who are using Windows phones, tablets and desktops.

Don’t lose out on these potential Windows based customers just because you think they are less as sometimes less can be more. Stay connected to your target audience of yours with a custom and robust mobile app for your Windows users.

What’s the need of a Windows app?
Updates in Windows brings exciting features

The first and foremost thing that can help you understand that why you need a windows app for your business is that the number of updates Microsoft introduces tend to introduce one or the other exciting features which will surely help in near future for more apps to be created for this platform and their users.

Extremely loyal Windows base

Though the user base for apps is small but the loyalty of people towards Windows itself is extremely high. So these users are always looking out for applications to use and interact with.

Comparatively less competition

Yes, there is far less competition in Windows market as opposed to Android and iOS and that’s the reason why you should be the one developing apps for such a market as the more downloads you’ll have on this platform, the greater the user base will be.

These reasons should be enough for you to build one such app for yourself and your business needs to be fully met and fulfilled.

Why choose us?
Highly Quality Assured app

You don’t need to worry about the quality of your app as the Q/A testers at Codelare are extremely diligent and full-proof to give you an end product which is free of any bugs and discrepancies.

Exclusive wire-framing and designing

We believe in building apps from the scratch exclusive to your business needs and requirements such that a complete wire-framing is done and the wireframes are approved by you as a client to make any changes (I needed) because we always keep our clients in the entire loop of development.

Latest technology integrations

We don’t compromise on the tech stack of the app development even if its users have a small base. Latest technological integrations like Windows mobile SDK, Visual Studio etc. would be used and delivered to you.

Unleash the power of technology and perseverance with Codelare’s Windows App Development