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understands that a well-developed website forms base for a business online and opens doors to its online customers. That’s why we believe that your website should be a true reflection of that which is developed and based upon the coding guidelines to redefine development and also adheres to the defined quality standards. A muddy and off-beat website can dent the overall appeal and presence of your business online. This is what we highly avoid!
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CMS Based Website Development

How can you manage everything that goes up on your website? You need a mechanism by which you can control what all goes on your website but in a controlled manner and this is where a Content Management System (CMS) comes into play. CMS is becoming an emerging part of any website development paradigm and is gaining huge popularity. And we give our customers what they want through the below technology stack.


WordPress being free web software for building and maintaining beautiful and efficient sites, permits to choose from a variety of themes or even build one of your choice and add required functionality with the help of plugins. Keeping in mind its rage, we surely know how to build one which suits your business needs perfectly.


Sister of WordPress but developed on PHP is again a very popular web platform for building CMS based websites allowing user-friendliness in terms of searching through the website along with greater deal of flexibility and functionality with plugins and extensions.


Introducing to you again sister CMS platform of the earlier too, it proves to be highly robust and secure when it comes to complex and customized applications for your business needs both vertically and horizontally. It is much easier for non-technical people to work with Drupal.


Again this PHP based framework provides CMS system but with all the possible shopping cart functionalities integrated along with the database to handle details for the same. You can easily use it even if you are non-technical as the modules are easy to install, operate and work with.


Stand out with a portfolio that enhances our demand, a website that suits your business needs or even an award winning online store. You name it and squarespace has got you covered and so do we! Designing and development has never been so classic and easy before!

Continuous Quality Assurance Testing

A rigorous quality assurance testing can help iron out all possible bugs and errors which you as a user or even your customer can encounter while operations. The team at Codelare doesn’t believe in delivering something which doesn’t stand up to the mark and quality!

Be On-line with your own Cloud

Some of the handpicked cloud platforms for all the mighty and heavy-ended web applications. Don’t forget to explore anything which we have to offer to you!

One of the most popular platforms for cloud computing these days providing a great deal of benefits like space, flexibility etc. at a very reasonable prices with high-ended security of course! And they have a free trial subscription for whooping 1 year.
Opposition to Amazon’s cloud computing services is Microsoft’s Azure which is again a tough competitor to AWS. It even has a free trial subscription for 30 days!
Akamai's content delivery network is one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15% and 30% of all web traffic.
A prolific competition to Amazon and Microsoft is another giant Google with its own cloud computing services and benefits to enlist as they are hell lot. Choice is yours but Google is Google by the way!
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