iOS Application

Make your ideas and thoughts reach out to the iPhone users as well with Codelare, one of the top iOS App Development Companies in Gurgaon. Bring your ideas to reality with the skyrocketing downloads and the number of users your experience on your platform with our dedicated and passionate team behind the development and ideation of an iOS app that truly defines your business to the approximate 20-22% of iPhone users worldwide.

But why an iOS app for the audience about your business?
  • iPhone users spend 95% more money on Apple Play Store than Google Play Store
  • Moving to a new version of iOS is hell lot easier because iPhone users take less time to migrate to a new version. This means, less work from your iOS developer than an Android developer in fixing bugs et al.
  • More support for iPhone phones as opposed to Android phones as you don’t have to deal with the zillions of variety of phones like in Android.
  • Aren’t these points enough to drift your attention to the very fact that you need an iOS app for your business to reach the remaining 20-22% share of the market worldwide to gain control over the market of apps.
Why choose us?

Without much bragging and boasting, let’s come quick to the fact that what Codelare has in store for you if you get your iOS app developed and delivered by us for all your business needs and requirements.

Efficient Integrations

Our app will let you connect mobile devices to the internet smoothly with support for connecting to your external backend systems and other existing business applications while still being secured and authorized.

Stringent quality and security checks

Don’t worry about the quality and authorization (or security) of your app as the Q/A testing along with authentication testing would be performed at all crucial and even minute levels leaving no aspect untouched of your app.

Industry experience

Lastly, whatever might be your industry of operation, we cater to clients from all the courses across the world as our diligent and experienced developers are well-worked (not well-versed) to put the best at your forefront.